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Keeping Kids Warm

Click on the link below for information on the Keeping Kid’s Warm Referral from Love, Inc.

Tri-county Love, Inc.

Keep Kids Warm started in December of 1996 with a single phone call from a young girl that was trying to win money from KIZN so she could order some heating oil for her family. The morning show at the time (Mark Rivers and Rich Summers), had been giving away cash with a “Song Of The Day” contest the previous few weeks. The contest had come to an end but Kissin’ listeners were still calling Mark & Rich, asking about the “song of day.” When they explained on the air that the contest was over the studio phone rang, and there was Christian, a young girl who asked Mark & Rich this question, “If I can’t win the money, can I win some heating oil for my family…our house is cold, and we just want to be warm for Christmas…” Mark and Rich were floored, and, as you might guess, so were the Kissin’ listeners. That call generated an outpouring of calls and donations, and before that morning was over, an account had been set-up, and Keep Kids Warm was born. That year around $17,000 was raised, and the money not only helped Christian’s family, but several others around the Treasure Valley as well. Last year, Keep Kids Warm raised over $50,000. To date, Keep Kids Warm has raised nearly $650,000 and helped over 1000 Treasure Valley families make it through some tough times and cold winter months. Today, the Kissin’ staff carries on the tradition, and with your donations and contributions, will help more families around the Treasure Valley.


This program is funded from KIZN Keeping Kids warm fundraising – it is geared to families, who need help with keeping their children warm, through a referral from a local service agency. Applications are attached below.

There are two programs:

  1. Heating assistance, Social service agencies refer families who need help with heating assistance. ***
  2. Warm clothing assistance.  Families in  need of clothing assistance are first referred to Tri-County Love Inc. for assistance through the gently used winter clothing.  If they are not able to meet the clothing size for the child, they submit a referral form to MCOA&CS.

***Family’s with children must meet low-income eligibility for this program.