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Malheur Council on Aging & Community Services appreciates the contributions provided by John Tucke as one of the directors on the executive board. John joined the MCOA&CS Executive Board in July 2016. He was an active board member and participated with improving the SRT Malheur Express City of Ontario fixed route service. John is missed.

Policies and overall direction is determined by a eight-member Board of Directors. The council is led by a committed, hardworking group of individuals that represent our community. The board are representatives of the private sector, the public sector and the low-income sector.

The members of the board have a wide-range of expertise – in finance, legal, human services, human resources, and strategic planning:

  • Ron Bickmore, Chairperson
  • Stephanie Williams, Fiscal Subcommittee Chair
  • Heidi Ragsdale, Personnel Subcommitte Chair
  • Dr. Dorin Daniels
  • Carlos Soriano
  • C. Gail Reynolds
  • John Dillon
  • John Tucke, Executive Board Liasion