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MCOA&CS Fare Rates by City

Exact change only

From Ontario

Destination Fares: One Way
Ontario $3.00
Vale or Weiser $23.00
Oregon Slope/SRCI $11.00
Nyssa $15.00
Fruitland $5.00
Payette $8.00
New Plymouth $15.00
Caldwell $30.00
Nampa $40.00
Boise $75.00
Huntington $35.00
Parma $25.00

From Nyssa

Destination Fares: one way
Nyssa $3.00*
Vale $25.00
Ontario $15.00**
Weiser $30.00
Caldwell $30.00
Nampa $40.00
Boise $75.00
Fruitland $15.00
Payette $20.00


Destination Fares: one way
Vale $3.00*
Nyssa $25.00
Ontario $23.00**
Fruitland $25.00
Payette $28.00
Nampa $63.00
Caldwell $53.00
Boise $85.00
Weiser $46.00
Other $1.25 p/m


Destination Fare: one way
Payette $3.00*
Fruitland $5.00
Ontario $8.00
Nampa $48.00
Caldwell $38.00
Boise $80.00
Weiser $18.00*


*Rates only apply if available drivers are already stationed in city of origin or rides can be scheduled at such a time as to coincide with in area drivers. If at time of pickup no driver is available in the pickup city the client will be charged the additional travel fee. (i.e. from drivers start point to pickup city.)

Example = Client needs a ride from Payette to Weiser and the only available driver is in Ontario the client will be charged the fare from Ontario to Payette and from Payette to Weiser.

**These rates apply unless client rides with the Nyssa/ Vale route. If this is their choice of transport they are restricted to the schedule of the route and the fare will be discounted. ($3.00 Nyssa to Ontario / $3.00 Vale to Ontario)