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Malheur County: Older Americans Act Area Plan 2013-2016

The Area Plan guides our efforts to improve programs and services for the older citizens in Malheur County with the goal to meet the requirements by the Older American’s Act for the purpose to enhance the ability of older individuals to maintain as much independence as possible and to remain in their own home and communities. This three year Area Plan encompasses the goals and objectives of MCOA&CS and outlines proposed strategies to be executed over the 2013-2016 time frame. The Area Plan also presents information regarding planning activities, current staffing, and projected revenue for 2013.

To review our current plan, click here.

Help Us With Our 2017-2020 Plan

Work is underway to prepare the 2017-2020 area plan. We are seeking the input of the community. A survey will be mailed to seniors in the coming months. Meanwhile, we welcome your input. Please complete the form below and let us know how we can support our seniors to maintain as much independence as possible.

What do YOU think should be included in our 2017-2020 Area Plan?

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